What is thigh lift surgery?

Upper part of legs loses the tightness due to certain reasons, such as weight gain and weight loss, aging, giving birth etc. and loosening and sagging develops at inner parts of thighs. Thigh lift surgery is a correct option to get rid of these sagging and irregularities.

The surgery is performed by removing the sagging tissues with liposuction and/or surgical techniques under general anesthesia and it lasts for 1 to 2 hours.

Evaluation of Sagging Before Thigh Lift Surgery

The extent of sagging should be staged before the surgery. The volume of fat in inner parts of legs and the sagging should be measured and the patient should be informed about the incision site. The incision scars generally remain at inner part of legs and extend to inguinal region in thigh lift surgery. Therefore, the incision scar is not recognizable by others.

What to expect in recovery period after surgery?

You can resume your daily life activities within a week while exercise should be restricted for approximately 4 weeks.

Is there a non-surgical solution?

Tightening the skin with exercise and diet may not be possible for some people, as fat tissue reduces and the elasticity of skin is lost due to many reasons such as weight loss and gain at frequent intervals, loosening, sagging etc. Surgery is the only treatment option for those individuals.