About Us

Hisar Hospital Intercontinental brings together valuable medical professionals and our patients, whom we define as our guests, in the journey of human service that started in the Turkish health sector in 2005 with its world-class health service.


Hisar Hospital Intercontinental brings together precious medical professionals and our patients, whom we define as our guests, in its journey of service to people, which started in the Turkish health sector in 2005, with its world-class health service. Our principle of fulfilling its social responsibility is the biggest driving force behind our growth with firm steps. On this path that we have embarked on with a bright health history and the confidence we have for the future, we have laid the foundations of the transformation of being a health group with all our values ​​and equity.

We adopt the principle of bringing people to a healthy life

By combining modern medical technology and comfort, Hisar Hospital Intercontinental has a total usage area of ​​35 thousand square meters and consists of 8 floors. From Orthopedics and Traumatology to Spine Health, Gynecology and Obstetrics to Cardiology, From Oncology to Hematology, it includes 53 different medical departments, mainly in neurological sciences, surgical sciences, internal sciences, diagnosis and imaging, and distinguished academic staff.

Hisar Hospital, which has been serving as the largest and strong link of the follow-up health services chain since 2005 in Ümraniye, is the new financial and life center on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, at the junction of the Asian and European continents, it is 20minutes far from Sabiha Gökçen International Airport and from the Bosphorus. Due to its proximity to all these centers, in han important part of Europe. By delivering modern, comprehensive and reliable health services to Turkich Republics and the Middle East at JCI Quality standards, we are the preferred point of the world nations as a reference hospital, where not only Turkish people but also foreign patients come and receive service.

We combine modern technology with quality and efficient service approach

From the moment our patients apply to our hospital, all treatment preparations and planning are made by our trained and friendly staff, and the same care and warm attention are maintained until our patients recover and are discharged. Hisar Hospital Intercontinental is structured as a “Patient Friendly Hospital”. In addition to qualified medical practices, we continuously provide high level and comprehensive health services thanks to nursing services where care services are provided with skill and expertise, support staff who reinforce their expertise with continuous in-service training, and modern medical technology.

Why Hisar Hospital Intercontinental?


  • Targeted treatment with current and reliable technology
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Multidisciplinary treatment approach
  • Expert physicians and health personnel staff in the field
  • The latest equipment and devices
  • Outstanding clinical results
  • Patient satisfaction
  • 24-hour uninterrupted service
  • Consisting of 8 floors, 212 bed capacity
  • 75m2 suite rooms
  • 35 thousand m2 closed area
  • 7 operating theaters
  • 53 polyclinics
  • Intensive care units with 33 beds
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Center within the hospital
  • PYXIS computerized medicine system working with fingerprint
  • 2200 m2 social waiting areas.

An architecture designed for the comfort of our patients…

With its architecture designed beyond the hospital atmosphere; With large lobby areas, waiting rooms, cafeterias and restaurants in indoor and outdoor areas, patient rooms in the comfort of a hotel, we ensure that our patients and their relatives receive a comfortable health service.

PYXIS computerized medicine system working with fingerprints…

All imaging systems are digitally structured. By transferring all radiological examinations to the image archiving and communication system, results can be reached quickly in polyclinics, patient rooms and even at home. In our hospital, where patient safety is meticulously implemented, the PYXIS computerized medicine system that works with the fingerprints of our nurses is used. Pyxis drug management system is a controlled and safe method of taking medication prescribed by the doctor to our inpatients through a closed system, specific to the desired amount of the patient.

The world’s most advanced 640 detector computed tomography system…

The new top class Computed Tomography system, which plays a major role in the evaluation of many diseases with the latest imaging techniques, from early diagnosis to treatment planning, provides the most accurate and early diagnosis for our patients. Aquilion One is the world’s most powerful and advanced scanner, providing images with unrivaled sensitivity and resolution. Coronary CT angiography can be performed on our emergency patients for 24 hours with the last class Computerized Tomography system. Especially in patients who have had a stroke in the brain, the paralyzed area can be easily visualized without the need for an additional imaging method. It dramatically reduces the radiation dose compared to the usual standard tomography imaging.

Quieter and innovative 3 Tesla MRI experience…

3 Tesla MR technology is of great importance for patient comfort, quality and reliable results, especially in terms of making the correct diagnosis and transitioning to appropriate treatment planning. 3 TESLA MR is wider, shorter and more comfortable than conventional devices, so individuals with fear of closed space and overweight can enter the device more easily. The new 3 TESLA MR is also preferred due to its quieter feature. Many patients find their MRI processes dark, noisy, and error intimidating. With the Cinema Vision MR Video System, scanning offers a satisfying patient experience for children and adults, without the need for sedation, where they can watch a 3D movie, watch television or listen to their favorite music. Claustrophobic patients no longer receive sedation while receiving MRI with this new entertainment system. The new CinemaVision, the MR system is extremely comfortable and reliable. It eliminates the traditional heavy-duty 3D glasses used in most MR entertainment systems. It simplifies patient use, without the complexity of wired connections. increases the reliability and flexibility of the device.

Effective treatment with up-to-date and reliable technology…

In our hospital, which provides services in all areas, personalized treatments are performed with today’s up-to-date technology.


Patient Safety Event Reporting

You can raise concerns (complaints) to JCI about patient safety or quality of care.

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