Info Guide

This page offers answer to many questions you worry about. Please do not hesitate to e-mail your questions through the contact page, if you could not find an answer.

Our hospital allows patient visits from 10.00 to 23.00 everyday. We, hereby, strongly advise not to bring the children younger than 7, as they cannot easily adapt to the hospital conditions. We kindly request that only two people visit the patient at the same time to avoid potential negative effects on patient’s health and that the visits are limited to 10 minutes.

All patients are served diet meals planned by Expert Dieticians according to health condition of each patient and the treatments prescribed by the primary physician throughout their inpatient treatment.

Meal service for patients and companions starts at below written hours:

  • Breakfast: 06.45
  • Lunch: 11.50
  • Dinner: 18.00.
  • Snack services for patients who require snack;
  • Morning snack: 09.00
  • Lunch snack: 15.00
  • Dinner snack: 21.00.

The Lobby Cafeteria located inside the hospital can be called 24/7 at 2147. When you order meal to your room on phone, they are served by Catering waiters. Lobby Cafeteria is open round the clock and you may call 2147 to give an order.

Our restaurant is close due to the pandemic. If your meal is cold, please call 3285 to seek support.

Our hospital has a cafeteria at first floor and a restaurant across the entry of the emergency medicine clinic. The cafeteria is open 24/7 and room service is available in order to meet your hot-cold food and beverage needs. The restaurant located at the entry of the Emergency Medicine Clinic serves patients and their relatives with A’la Carte menu from 07.00 to 20.00 in all days of the week.

Patient consultants with good command in English, Arabic, Russia, French, Romanian and Georgian work at our International Patient Services department and they are ready to serve you in your native language. Our inpatient consultants will help you, whenever you need.

Since fresh flowers pose risk of infection and allergy at patient rooms, no flower is accepted in our patient rooms pursuant to Quality Standards of the Joint Commission International.

You may fill out the questionnaire form, available in your room, to express your views, advices or satisfaction in order to maintain and maximize our service quality and to host you as required. The forms that you filled out can be put into the survey boxes available at desks or you may deliver them to our Patient Relations officer while s/he visits you.

Our hospital has prayer rooms, where our patients and their visitors may fulfill their religious obligations.

Based on the importance attached to the infection control at our hospital, the priority of hygiene and cleaning is maximized. Housekeepers will visit you every day or even more than once in a day, if applicable, to keep your room and the floor clean throughout your treatment.

Wireless internet is available at Hisar Hospital Intercontinental. If you are a patient or visitor, wireless internet access is available for free in most areas of the hospital. You will need a WiFi enabled computer or smart phone. You can contact with our interpreters for login information.

Professional valet parking service is 24/7 available for our closed parking lot and the open parking across the Emergency Medicine Clinic.

We have a contracted taxi station at approximately 100-meter distance to our hospital. Our inpatient consultants will be glad to help you call a taxi.

Our suites have a connected room and a visitor bathroom in order to have you host your visitors and they cover a larger area than standard rooms. Suites are especially preferred by mothers who give birth to a child at our hospital and they are designed to ensure maternal and infant health and comfort. Suite and King Suite are other options available for our patients who wish to spend time with their loved ones and who have numerous visitors.

Childbirth is a fascinating event for everybody. Witnessing birth of a living being is, sometimes, as exciting as experiencing that event. An expert Birth Photographer is invited to the delivery room to create a special album for mothers and fathers who would like to remember this very special moment every time.

Having a unique value among Turkish traditions, the Puerpera Sorbet is served to your room for you, your visitors and family members.

Nowadays, it is almost traditional to decorate door of the room according to infant’s gender, serve special treats to visitors and give special gifts. Our hospital, therefore, hangs a door décor in color according to your infant’s gender immediately after you give birth to your child. You may contact the contracted company of our hospital to have your room decorated and for special photo sessions, gifts and treats before, during and after the birth.

When you host your visitors to share your happy moments after the birth, the first coiffeur service is free-of-charge to make you cope with the birth stress and feel well-groomed. Our Coiffeur works at the hospital and will be glad to offer a blow dry service in your room, if you need. You may notify you request to our patient consultants.

We give you a gift package – pillow, bodysuit, blanket and babygro – in order to make you celebrate this special day of your baby with Hisar Hospital Intercontinental.

We continue supporting you share your happiness with your loves ones through SMS. We text the birth of your baby to 50 people you designate during your admission. For this service, our patients need to sign a consent form and designate name and contact details of the people that they want to be texted. Please seek help from our Inpatient Representative about this issue.