Human Resources

You can apply for a job at our hospital by sending your information. You will be contacted as soon as possible after your information is reviewed.

  • The mission of Hisar Hospital Intercontinental is to utilize the most developed systems in recruitment,
  • To consider that among the qualifications of the candidate applying to our hospital, the attitude will have a great effect, to build and apply a recruitment approach that prioritizes the values of the candidate,
  • To adopt a management policy for keeping the talent inside the institution in addition to gaining the talents,
  • To be aware of the fact that career and education management units are the basic indicator of development and permanence,
  • To ensure that sustainable activities are rendered in a planned and effective way for bringing a sense of belonging and a corporate culture,
  • To have a performance monitoring and evaluation system based on objective criteria,
  • To ensure motivation and modeling that are suitable for motivator leadership and management approach.

Hisar Hospital Intercontinental’s Human Resources Department builds a strong infrastructure and experienced staff in international scale in its sector and makes a separate budget for the topics of business analysis, recruitment, orientation, human values oriented career management, skills management, following social media, corporate culture, sense of belonging, business brand value and motivation. Necessary works to adopt and apply an organization scheme for representing a pioneer institution regarding these topics and a business management policy are done in a pertinacious and meticulous manner.

Hisar Hospital Intercontinental always follows the career candidate portals to employ accurate candidates for accurate positions in accordance with its mission and vision. The candidate pool is constantly updated for certain positions. To lower the personnel turnover, the correct candidate is hired with correct salary, correct career plan and correct promises. The criteria that we value the most in recruitment processes are qualifications. Regardless of department, it is important for our candidates to have the determined qualifications. Qualifications for each position are determined basically and functionally and we request additional management skills for administrative positions.


  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Cooperation
  • Institution Oriented Approach
  • Patient Oriented Approach
  • Result Oriented Approach
  • Constant Development
  • Time Oriented Approach
  • Respect and Managing the Diversity

All or some of the below listed evaluation tools are utilized in accordance with the requirements of the position to evaluate the suitability of all our candidates;

  • Competency-Based Interview
  • Interview to Evaluate Compliance with the Corporate Culture
  • Personality Inventory

A job offer is made to the candidates who are found to be suitable as a result of all these evaluations by Human Resources Department and the suitable candidate/candidates start working.

We aim to assign people to a department, where qualifications of the candidate are valuable, by reviewing knowledge, experience, skill and competencies of applicants.

If you want to join Hisar Hospital family you can fill the form below or you may send an e-mail to [email protected].

Hisar Hospital Intercontinental provides all its employees with corporate orientation and department orientation. Moreover, administrators are provided with administrator orientation and physicians with physician orientation. As required by both corporate culture and dynamics of the sector, education is attached great importance in our institution. Trainings such as personal development trainings (in and out of the institution), department trainings, quality and standard trainings, occupational competency trainings are provided.

Employees, administrators and physicians are encouraged to participate to seminars, congresses and various educational organizations and receive certificates.

Wages of Hisar Hospital Intercontinental employees are calculated as gross salary. The salaries are deposited into the salary accounts of the contracted bank on the determined day. Payrolls are regularly shared with the employees. A wage scale has been formed for all positions in the same rates with the sector.

Cash indemnity is paid for related employees in determined ratio due to the financial responsibility they undertake.

A bus service in an extensive route is available for transportation to our hospital. The bus service is available at 08:00 / 17.30 and 17.30 / 08:00 on weekdays and at 08:00 / 14:00 on Saturday.

Employees of our hospital and their first degree relatives are provided with discounts in healthcare services at a certain ratio and our employees are provided with private health insurance.

Our hospital is contracted with a firm for catering services.

Housing is provided for our Nursing Services personnel who reside out of the town.

Performances of all employees who have been working in our hospital for more than 6 months are measured with “e-performance system” twice a year. Our employees implement the electronic Performance Evaluation System before manual procedure. Performance evaluation results are of primary importance in determining the education needs of our employees, functioning of prize/warning system and career planning and management of the employees.

Early determination of potential employees, providing necessary professional knowledge, skills, developmental means and preparing the employees for duties requiring more responsibility are aimed with the “Career Management and Backup Plan” of Hisar Hospital Intercontinental.

Potential employees for positions at all levels are determined with performance results, opinion of manager and competency based evaluation processes. Candidates included in skill pool are prepared for the future of our hospital with various improvement programs. Career plans of promising employees and managers are followed with regular Human Resources Planning meetings.

Thanks to this application, backups are made for various positions of our hospital and a sustainable performance is achieved.​