Online Doctor

With our Online Doctor application, you can make an online meet from Hisar Intercontinental Hospital.


Hisar Online Doctor Visit” helps you schedule an appointment for all physicians of all departments and make an online video call without any need to visit our hospital physically. During this meeting, you may discuss all diagnosis and treatment processes with our doctors and ask all your questions. You may apply from our web site at www.hisarhospital.com or schedule an appointment at our Call Center (444 5 888) for “Hisar Online Doctor Visit”.

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How Can I Apply for “Hisar Online Doctor Visit”?

First, you may apply for this meeting by preferring one of the below written channels.

  • Fill in the “Online Visit Request Form” in our web site at www.hisarhospital.com.
    • Fill in your contact details (Name, surname, date of birth, phone and e-mail address).
    • Our Call Center officer will call you, verify your appointment details and starts your appointment process.
  • If you wish, you may call our Call Center at 444 5 888 and make an application by the support of our Call Center officer.
    • Our Call Center officer will take your request, fills in the form on behalf of your and starts your appointment process.
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Is Online Visit Covered by my Health Insurance?

You may prefer one of the below options for Online Doctor Visit.

If you do not have private health or if it is not covered by your insurance policy, you may follow one of the below written options.

  • You may pay the charge with your credit card through mail order or 3D Secure system.
  • If you want to pay cash, you may transfer the charge to our bank account. (IBAN will be e-mailed or texted to you. After the wire transfer is verified, you will be texted or called to notify that your appointment is approved).

What Should I Do For Online Doctor Visit?

  • Fill in the Request Form for Online Visit.

    You may fill in the form in our web site at www.hisarhospital.com. If you wish, you may schedule an appointment by calling our Call Center at 444 5 888.
  • After Your Application is Approved, Your Appointment is Scheduled.
    When provision or payment procedure is completed, you are notified that your appointment is approved.
  • Your Doctor Will Call You At the Appointment Time.
    Your doctor will make a video call over the communication channel you preferred (WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype etc.) and thus, the meeting is started.
  • Duration of this meeting is standard.
    Your online visit will last 20 minutes.
  • Requirement of physical examination;
    Your doctor may consider in your online meeting that your health condition requires a physical examination. In this case, the charge you paid for online meeting is cancelled; payment or provision is requested only for your outpatient examination.
  • Your Doctor Prescribed Medications:Doktorunuz gerekli görürse reçetenizi yazar. Size bu reçete mail ile veya whatsapp üzerinden gönderilir. Siz de bu reçeteyi eczacınıza telefon ekranınızdan gösterebilirsiniz.
  • Your Doctor Prescribed Medications:
    Your doctor may prescribe your medications, if he deems necessary. Your prescription is sent with e-mail or WhatsApp. You may submit the prescription to your pharmacist on the screen of your phone.
  • Radiology Tests Are Required:
    İf your doctor decides that radiology tests are required, you are invited to the hospital.
  • Laboratory Tests Are Required:
    Your doctor may consider that laboratory tests should be ordered. In this case:

    • Our team gets the provision, if you have a private health insurance that covers this service.
    • If your policy does not cover it, payment is made with virtual POS. (3D Secure system is used; wire transfer is required for cash payments)
    • After your payment is completed, our mobile sample collection team visits your residence and takes the required sample. Sample collection at home is not subject to extra charge.
  • For Follow-up Visit
    • You may make a video call for your follow-up visit, if you wish. In this case, an “Online Doctor Follow-up Visit Appointment” is scheduled for you. Patients who were examined and treated at outpatient settings may also make an online visit for their follow-up visits.
    • Our team gets the provision, if you have a private health insurance that covers this service.
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All-department Doctor Examination

If you need, you may benefit from online doctor visit at home for all doctors of all our departments and you may complete diagnosis and test procedures smoothly.

You may call and sign up now