International Patient Services

International Patient Services

You Are Our Valued Guest

Hisar Hospital Intercontinental International Office coordinates all our international guest services.

The guiding principle of the International Office is that each and every patient is our personal VIP guest and shall be provided with a seamless high quality service in their own language and according to their own cultural norms.

Therefore, every guest patient is designated a dedicated Recovery Specialist as a one stop shop from the initial inquiry, right through their entire stay at the Hisar Hospital Intercontinental, including their follow up care at home and subsequent appointments that may be needed.

Your Recovery Specialist will share your language and your culture, and provide direct assistance to patients and their families through personalized Medical and Concierge Services according to the needs and expectations of each and every patient and his or her family and accompanying persons.

24 Hour Service

Recovery Specialists respond to every inquiry within 24 hours after evaluating the initial medical reports of the patients with the appropriate physicians and experts. Recovery Specialists provide one to one assistance to Hisar Hospital Intercontinental patients and their families through.

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Airport pick-ups / Transfers
  • Guidance through the hospital admissions process
  • Communication and coordination with private health insurance companies
  • Financial arrangements
  • Interpreter and translating services
  • Accommodation advice and reservations
  • Air and ground ambulance services
  • Facilitation of second opinions and telemedicine consultations
  • Appointments for family members who request routine and preventive medical care
  • Discharge process and follow up care

Airport Transfer and Greeting Services

We offer exclusive airport transfer and greeting services to ensure a seamless arrival experience. Our dedicated team will warmly welcome you at the airport, assist you with your luggage, and guide you to our transfer car. They will ensure a smooth and comfortable journey to our hospital. Rest assured, our team has access to your contact information and will coordinate the entire process, communicating with our drivers to guarantee a hassle-free experience for you.

Hotel Accommodations

We have partnered with select hotels located in close proximity to our hospital, offering special discounts exclusively for our patients. These hotels not only provide comfort and convenience but are also conveniently situated near shopping malls, stores, and public transportation, ensuring easy access to all amenities. Rest assured, our contracted hotels have been carefully chosen to enhance your overall experience during your stay with us.

Here is a list of the contracted hotels:

  1. Mercure Hotels
  2. Fraser Place Antasya
  3. Crowne Plaza
  4. Dedeman Bostancı Otel Convention Center
  5. Ramada by Wyndham Ümraniye Hotel
  6. Park Dedeman Bostancı Otel
  7. Antwell İyi Yaşam Evleri
  8. Ağaoğlu My City Business Hotel
  9. Livinton Hotel Ataşehir
  10. Zin D Home
  11. Helikon Business Hotel

These hotels offer special benefits and discounted rates exclusively for our hospital and patients, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay near the hospital and in close proximity to shopping malls, stores, and public transportation.


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