Our Vision and Mission

As Hisar Hospital Intercontinental, our priority is always to restore our patients’ health.

Vision, Mission and Values

As Hisar Hospital Intercontinental, our priority is always to restore our patients’ health. Therefore, we listen to our patients and their valuable families from the time they enter from the doors of our hospital, throughout the treatment and post-treatment processes and we spend tremendous effort to boost their comfort and satisfaction.


“With endless respect to human life, being a REFERENCE healthcare institution that renders modern, comprehensive and reliable services in global standards”


We adopt the principle of ensure a healthy life for the people by combining the modern technology with quality and effective service approach.


We Care For Our Patients

With the principles of “Responsibility, Sensitivity and Sharing” we try to understand all the needs of our patients and their families and assist them during all the processes from the time they present to our hospital to treatment plan and discharge.

We Care for Your Safety

We care for the safety of our patients, their families and our employees. We try to ensure that no one gets hurt due to preventable mistakes and take measures by evaluating all the potential risks that may threat the health of our patients.

We Know and Protect Your Rights

We ensure that our patients have sufficient and clear knowledge about their rights and responsibilities as long as they receive services from our hospital. We know your rights when you are at our hospital and we protect your rights indiscriminatingly.

We Show Awareness to the Society and Environment

We spend effort to be sensitive to the society and environment. We laboriously try to protect the natural resources to protect human health and boost the quality of life. In case of any condition that negatively influences the environment, the condition is immediately identified and we always control our wastes.

Our Quality Policy

To render quality healthcare service with up-to-date technology required by modern medicine,

To conduct studies to preserve and improve public health,

Constantly improve employees’ satisfaction and education,

To ensure optimum financial performance,

To make no concessions from Quality Management System conditions and continuously improve the effectiveness of the system,

To ensure constant development.