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Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Surgery

As is the case with all your body parts, your breasts also start to be defeated by gravity as your age advances. One of the effective modalities in your fight against gravity is breast lift surgeries.

When to have breast lift surgeries?

Breasts sag when volume and skin elasticity of the breast tissue reduce. Sagging in breasts is secondary to various factors, including but not limited to excess weight loss, reduced size of breasts and sagging after pregnancy (breast atrophy), postmenopausal reduction in size of breasts, heavy breast implants and aging.

What is the purpose of breast lift?

Breast lift surgeries (mastopexy) aim to achieve a younger appearance in breasts. The nipple is placed at ideal position, the breast tissue is given the ideal contours and position, the loose skin tissue is lifted and breast augmentation is performed to make the results long-lasting. Breast augmentation is also performed with breast implants when necessary.

What to expect in postoperative recovery period?

Scars that vary in size at different locations may persist depending on severity of sagging and the surgical technique. The breast gains ideal shape in 3 to 4 months with this surgery that is performed under general anesthesia.