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Breast Reduction Surgery

If you are not satisfied with your physical appearance and your oversized breasts have led to serious health problems, you can get rid of this condition within the shortest time.

What are the indications of breast reduction surgery?

Breasts may be oversized and sag due to excessive weight gain, genetic and hormonal factors, advanced age, certain medications and tumors. The condition may cause unpleasant appearance, difficulty wearing underwear and clothes, pain in neck, shoulder and back, excessive sweating, under-breast rash and skeletal system disorders. The healthiest and easiest way to figure out these problems is breast reduction surgery.

What is the most suitable age for breast reduction surgery?

The procedure can be performed at any age after the complete maturation of the breast tissue. The ideal approach is to complete all pregnancy plans before the procedure. Many women want to get rid of problems caused by large breasts and prefer to undergo breast reduction surgery before having a child. It is reported that women could have near complete ability to breastfeed (almost 100%) through some surgical techniques when having a child after the surgery. However, it should be known that many women are not capable of breastfeeding due to various causes after delivery, although they have no history of breast surgery.

How is breast reduction surgery performed?

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and lasts about 2-4 hours; in intraoperative period, the breast tissue, fat tissue and skin are reduced and liposuction can also be performed. The appropriate technique is determined depending on size of the breasts and the severity of sagging; different skin incisions may be made. Both the advantages and disadvantages of them are discussed during patient-physician interviews.

What happens in the postoperative period?

Postoperative swelling disappears and the breasts achieve their final appearance within 3-4 months. Some studies demonstrate that women who have undergone breast reduction surgery have lower risk of breast cancer compared to those who have not. In other words, breast reduction surgery may also reduce the risk of breast cancer. Thousands of women have undergone breast reduction surgery every year and they are happy with their ideal breast size.