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Patient&Visitor Guide


Dear patient and visitors,

We, as Hisar Intercontinental Hospital that is committed to itself to deliver advanced medicine practices to you without depriving medical ethics rules with our respect for human life, say 'Welcome' to our patientsand visitors. We continue to work sparing no sacrifice to provide and maintain a hospital environment inwhich knowledge, experience andtechnology comes together, with modern architectural features and you can receive comfortableand high-quality medical services. We are aware that you have difficulties against different concepts in our institution you have admitted to re-gain, maintainyour health and stay healthy that you do not encounter often inyour everyday life. The information contained in the guide will help you for your comfort during your time in our hospital and taking advantage of the services we offer. Please do not hesitate to ask your nurse,physician or the Officer of the Patient Relations and Rights Department to receive further and detailed information after readingtheguide. We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to make you feel our guest during your time in our hospital where we work for your convenience and security.

Let us meet health... Hisar Intercontinental Hospital


Emergency Services

With its Emergency Service Department and patient transfer facility by air and land ambulance, Hisar Intercontinental Hospital is the only hospital around the region where it is located with a rate of annual average of thirty thousand patient admissions. The Emergency Service Department has the capacity to maintain the same standard of quality of service for 24 hours a day and provide the most advanced emergency medical services. The Emergency Service Department is providinguninterrupted service 24 hours a day, 7 days with its emergency medicine specialists,family physicians and other medical staff in order to provide timely responses to all kinds of health needsofour patients.



Our ambulance service is available 24 hours a day through our Call Centre with 444 5888 phone number or 0216 514 1300 phone number.If you want to take advantage of our ambulance servicewhen you are discharged,please stateyour demand to the inpatient counsellor I nurses.

Call Centre (444 5888)

We are at your service with our Call Centre Staff who understand you and your language and who will be happyto assistyou. Our Call Centre provides 24 hours 7 days service from the phone number 444 5 888 for accurate information and guidance in all matters related to health.

Services you can receive from our CallCentre:

We provide translation services to inform patients of foreign nationals and not native inTurkish Language in their own languages duringtheir treatment processes. You can forward your request for translation support to the International Patient Services department officialsthrough your nurse or the Patient Relations and Rights Department.


Dueto the risks of infection, live flowers and potted flowers are not accepted in our hospital in accordance with theJoint Commission International Quality Standards. Our receptionists take delivery of flowers sent to you and inform you callingyour room and protect these flowers untilyour dischargefor you. Flower identification cards are added to the flower upon receipt to verify that the flower belongs to you. These cards will be collectively delivered to your room during day through our staff to immediately inform you.You can take delivery of your flowers from the Desk Staff before or during the day of discharge.

Safe DrugUse

Security Services

Maintaining security of life and property of our patients and employees in Hisar Intercontinental Hospital are considered as important as their health. Foryour safety;


Nursing is a difficult profession that requires dedication, patience and tolerance. Nurses serve peoplewith not good health and in need of help. For this reason, nursing requires hands familiar to teamwork, skilled and practical. Our patients are being served 24 hours by nurses that are experts in their fields and supported  with continuous training. You can contact the supervisor nurse of your floor on anythingthat you needto consult aboutthe nursingservice offered to you. You can call your nurse usingthe Nurse Call System whenever you need. The call system is accessible from the bedside,toilet and bathroom. If you push the button or pull the string,your nurse will response and take care of your problem as soon as possible. 

Patient Relations and Rights Department

The Patient Relations and Rights Department is at your service as a reference mechanism that our patients and visitors will easily reach and can freely express their problems to andthat will listento them. You can share your suggestions, thoughts and satisfaction about our hospital either in either face-to-face interviews or usingthe questionnaires provided you. All feedbacks will play a decisive role in the Quality Policies to be determined by our hospital inorder to provide you with better service.

Place of Worship

Our hospital has a place of worship available to use of our patients and visitors  tofulfiltheir religious obligations.

Housekeeping Services

The hygiene and cleanliness requirements are given the utmost importance in our hospital due to the sensitivity placed on the infection control. Our housekeeping stuff will visit your room everyday, and more than one if necessary, during your treatment in order to clean your room and surrounding area.

Salon Services

A hairdresser salon is available in our hospital for male and female patients and visitors. You can also have the hairdressing services in your room by dialling 2555.

Parking Services

The parking garage is open between 07:30 and 23:00 hours. You can use the parking lot outside ofthese hours.


The patient hospitalization-discharge stuff will help you to call a taxi when you need.


Photos of babies born in our hospital are taken by the Corporate Communications Department and added to our website after obtaining approval offamilies.

E-Get Well Message

You can send "Get Well" messages to be forwarded to your patients that you could not find the opportunity to visit throughthe internet usingthe address below;


Birth Picture

This Service Gives YouThe Opportunity To Express The Unique Beauty OfThe Birth That Is One Of The Most Important Moments In People's Lives With Photos.


NurseCall System and Usage

You can call your nurse when you need by using the nurse call system available onthe bedside, inbathroom and toilet.


Toilet Seat Covers are specially designedfor your comfort. Keys nextto the toilet will guide you. You can ask for help from the nurse pulling the string hanging on the wall when you encounter with a problem.

Mini Bar*

You are kindly requested to not to bringfoods and beverages outside due to smell and risk of infection. When foods are brought outside in necessary cases, please do not leave such foods out and store them in the mini bar placed inthe cabinet.

Bed Use

You can set your head, knee and foot regions up or down using the hand­ operated control in the right or left side of the bed. You can displace the diningtable atthe foot-side of the bed accordingto your need. You can adjust the height level of by usingthe latch on the right side of thetable.

Hand Disinfectant

You can wash and disinfect your hands rubbingyour palms for 30 seconds as described in the" User Guide" in your room inorder to prevent reproduction of microbes and transfer them to other areas.

** Keep fire away from the solution as it is a flammable substance.

**Avoid eye contact**

Companion Seat and Bed

You can use the companion seat also as a bed. You can ask for help through the nursefrom the personnel responsible for turningthe seat into a bed.

Coat Closet

The coat closet contains cloth hangers and a steel safe for your use during your stay inthe hospital.


You can use the safe in the coat closet to protect your valuables. Temporary password of the safe is "123456". You can change the existing password and create your own password reading the safe use instructions on the cover of the closet. You are kindly requested to restore the password before discharge.


You can make external calls by dialling 9 and getting a tone from the switchboard. You can give your extension number to your relatives who want to call you by adding "2" in front of your room number through the phone number 0216 5241300. (e.g.,for the room numbered 405, 2405)


Satellite broadcastingsystem is available in the remote-controlled television inyour room. You can ask for helpfrom the patient counsellors or nurses on how to use the remote control. You are kindly requested to pay attention on TV's volume level to avoid disturbingother patients.

VentilationI Hot-Cold Setting 

The wall-mounted THERMOSTAT apparatus allows you to adjust the room temperature. You can adjust the roomtemperature accordingto your own preference with thisthermostat.


The shower cabin in your room is at your disposal. A special shampoo and towel with in the shower and toothbrush and toothpaste in the sink are availablefor your useas a service ofour hospital.

Hair Dryer

Youcan usethe hairdryer inyour room after shower.


Dear Guest,

You can connect to the Internet by selecting "Hisar_Hospital" wireless network for wireless internet access at our Hospital. ((TCP/IP4) IP and DNS definitions must beautomaticwithyour wireless network settings)

You will automatically be redirected to the home page when you attempt to visit any page using any web-browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox,etc.) installed onyour computer.


Step 1:Enteryour mobile phone number.

Step 2: Enteryour First Name Last Name.

Step3: Click on Register button.

 Step 4: Enter the password from your mobile phone in the Password section.

Step 5:You can accessthe Internet byclickingon Login button.

In accordance with the Law No. 5651,processes on the Internet are subject to page content control and are recorded. For this reason,please

For More Information:

You can receive support dialling 3060 during office hours (08:30 to 18:00) from your room phone and  reach  the  supervisor  in charge for support dialling 3021

Foodand Dietary Services

Foodservice for our patientsandtheir companions;

Morning Breakfast Service                          07:00-08:30

Lunch Service           12:00-13:30

Dinner Service    between the hoursof 17:30and 19:00.

Menus of the patients are prepared by expert dieticians according to their nutrition order as required bytheir diseases.

Snack service tothe patients receivingsnack; Morningsnack service            09:30-10:30

Noonsnack service          14:30-15:30

Eveningsnack service      betweenthe  hoursof21:00and  22:00.

Optional menu service is available for patients' companions 

Optional menu list is delivered to patients' rooms everyday by personnel in charge for your service.

Meals of patients' companions areserved by our personnel accordingto their preferences.

You can ask for support from the dietary technician calling 3083 in case your meal cools down.

You can reach and receive support from the Catering Project Manager calling 3081foryour suggestions, complaints and requestsabout foods.

Restaurant and Cafeteria Services

Our Lobby Cafeteria on the ground floor of the Hospital and the restaurant across the Emergency Serviceare atyour service.

You can reach the Lobby Cafeteria diaIIing 2147.You can reachthe Restaurant dialling 2424.

The Lobby Cafeteria is open daily              08.00 to 24.00. The Restaurant is open dailyfrom               08.00 to 24.00.

You can dial 2147-3083 for your ordersoutsidethese hours. The rich menu list of the Restaurant is available inthe rooms.


If you have any drugthat you have to take and have consulted your physician previously,you maytake your drugwithsmall sips of water.


+  Please bring the forms, specified by the outpatient clinic secretary, your insurance cards and records of all examinations that have been made before the surgical procedure with you.

+  Please refer to the Inpatient Hospital Services Department once you have arrived in the Hospital. You will be taken to your room accompanied by a staff member after your hospitalization procedure is completed inthis Department.

+  Our anaesthesiologist will examineyou priorto the surgery;

+  Dearpatient andfamily, Fall is a situation that may arise in your daily life and will result in personal injury and prolongation of your treatment in hospital but can be prevented through simple measures to betaken. We kindly request you to follow the measures taken in this respect by our hospitaland instructions of our nurses.

+  You will be informed on the general hospital rules and your treatment process by nurses duringyour hospitalization and in addition, your fall­ riskassessment willalso be performed bythe nurses. You must comply with the measures taken for the risk group according to the assessment performed. (If you are in a mid-and high-risk group, a clover figure willbe hanged onyour door)

+  Unfamiliar hospital environment and physical and mental handicaps such as changes in the body activities, disability, dementia in elderly people, visual  and hearing loss, decreased muscle strength, or treatment process increase the risk offaIiing.

+  Please tell your nurse if you have experienced any falling problem beforeyou admit to the hospital.

+ Ensure that you can use the call button that will allow you to reach our health care personnelwhen you need. 

+  Keep telephone, call button and other objects you need to reach in a close distance sothat you reach and usethem whenyou need.

+ If your doctor or nurse has stated that it is risky for you to stand up alone without a companion, please ask for helpwhen standing up (for needs such as bath,toilet, etc.). +  Slowly get up from where you lie down or sit, wait a little in a sitting

position andif you feel dizzy,do not get upand keepsitting.

+  Walkslowly takingsmall steps when walking.

+  If youfeel dizzy,sit down immediately.

+  Wear non-slip slippers or shoes when walking.

+    Do not lean on wheeled goods,such as shelves,when walking.

+   Keepa lamp providingsufficient light at night open.

+ If you take medications that will putyou off or bluryour consciousness, askfor helpfrom the nurse beforegettingup.

+  Make surethat your bed is adjusted to the bottom level.

+ Always make sure that the bed guards are kept above, and do not lower the guards without the knowledge of the nurse.

+  You should not attempt to go down through the edge gaps when the guards are setto up because this maycause you tofall andget injured.

+  Please inform your nurse on anythingspilled on the floor inyour room to becleaned.

+  You should not change places of the equipment and materials in your room as they are arranged and placed to pose minimum risk for you.

+ If you use a walking stick, crutch or wheelchai r, please inform your nurse for provision of such equipment.

+ Please ask for help from your nurse when connections, such as drain, catheter,serum attached to your body,are required to to be attached to places, such as bed, stretchers, wheelchai r,in order to protect you against possibledamages.

+  Your nurse willaccompanyyou when youfirst stand up after surgeryor during transfers between departments. You must stand up with the help of an appropriate method upon approval of your doctor and nurse especially inthe postoperative period.

+  Please do not leave your room or unit unbeknownst to your nurse for any reason. Thank you for your awareness and attention. Wewish you healthy days.


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